February 2019

8 Tips on Making the Job Description Stand Out

A few short and simple tweaks can have a powerful impact.

Nowadays, the majority of job descriptions look the same. They have the same structure and use the same phrases as if HR professionals had read the same manual, “How to write a job description.” Therefore, it’s not surprising if they get the same, unsatisfying results.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can enrich and enhance your job description to make it stand out.
Onboarding for Retention in a Competitive Hiring Market

Simplifying internal business processes always pays off.

When employees aren’t happy at work, they aren’t productive. Happiness at work is about feeling engaged and fulfilled–being confident, challenged and comfortable. When an onboarding process at a company is strategic, flexible and user-driven employees are more engaged and thus stay longer, allowing a business to save money.

The Fine Line between Micromanaging and Empowering

“What got you here won’t get you there.”

Managing employees can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career. It’s awesome to see people who work for you exceed even their own expectations of what they can achieve. That said, to be a manager who helps others succeed requires a skill set much different from the one needed to be an individual contributor.

If you’ve made it to a management position, you’ve probably exhibited the behaviors that most leaders look for in employees they want to promote:


How Do You Reinforce What Was Learned?


We’ve just sent several of our managers to training.  How can I reinforce that training, now that they are back on the job, to make sure it sticks?

You’re smart to be proactive. Too often, we hear, “I sent my employee/manager to training, and I don’t see that their behavior has changed at all.” Unfortunately, many organizations leave it completely on the employee to incorporate what they have learned, with no support from their manager or the company. According to a survey done by Training magazine, training expenditures in 2018 were $87.6 billion.

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